Capturing signals to resend through ESPHome; why are they truncated?

I’m sure I’m just an idiot, but I can’t find an answer anywhere in the forums or on Reddit.

I am trying to figure out why the signals I capture on my Flipper don’t match the codes I’m using in my ESPHome IR transmitter component.

I have a fan remote that I previously decoded (using a different tool). This is currently working properly in ESPHome as:

address: 0xDF20
command: 0xF30C

When I capture this same signal with my Flipper, it captures:

A: 0x20
C: 0x0C

Why isn’t it showing the full code that the other tool captured?

Can I use the Flipper to capture the codes in a format that allows me to use them w/ ESPHome?

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I think this is the code if I’m reading it correctly. I’m not sure why you got a bad capture unless there is interference in the room.

address: 20 DF 00 00
command: 0C F3 00 00

address: 0xDF20
command: 0xF30C

The process I took.
Break into pairs of two with spaces: 0x DF 20
Reverse pairs: 20 DF 0x
The x means everything else is zero: 20 DF 00 00

That should be able to go in the other direction as well.

If I capture and resend the code through the Flipper it correctly controls the device, so it must be capturing the full code but only showing me one of the bytes?

Is there any way to find the full code on the USB card?

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Download the file using qFlipper and open it with notepad or put the SD card in your PC and open it with notepad. That will show you exactly what the Flipper recorded. They are .ir files but they are plain text. Right click and “open with” notepad or you’re text editor of choice.