Care and Feeding of your Digital Companion

So my new companion is actively attempting to bid me “Adios” and move out. Just looking for what others are doing on a daily basis to keep their friend happy and evolving.


Feed them! :wink:

You have to use it. Scan stuff and save it. Add BadUSB scripts. Learn remotes. Scan everything with an NFC tag. Have a work badge? Scan it and save it, then make copies and modify the hex codes to see what changes.

Best thing to do is just play with it and use the features. As long as you are using it and saving stuff (you can even scan the same stuff multiple times) it will stay happy.

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It might sound stupid, but will the unhappy dolphin affect any functions of flipper, or it’s just gaming noise?

It won’t affect any functionality. And you can simply install the file with the last level, all happy, all unlocked and the only changes are with the animations of the dolphin, doesn’t affect in any way the functionality.

You don’t need to teach it things to be feeding it, you just need to use a little bit on the regular.

I met a guy who had his flipper up to level ~15 who said that he had taught it every remote in his smart home, I personally have found that just using my flipper every day as a remote for my fan and my lights (which came with these REALLY crappy ir remotes that have never worked well) has kept mine happy.

also like, don’t get too worried about it, my partner has been more adventurous with hers and we keep having to flash the firmware which resets the flipper’s level and mood to zero/baseline.

you can also go in and manually adjust things to you liking