Casi-Rusco Support


I figured out my work just the CASI RUSCO system which doesn’t work with the flipper.
Can we get support?

I found a detailed website here:

Some extracts

Casi-Rusco sold their own flavor type of 125KHz RFID Proximity badge, for use in their proprietary access control systems, Picture Perfect and Secure Perfect. Their readers and panels communicated using F2F encoding, instead of Wiegand, which was used by much of the rest of the industry.

Casi Cards: Format 4001: 19 bit facility code/19 bit badge number and the Format 4002: 38 bit badge number.

These are how the formats look:

4001: ExxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyO
4002: EyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyO
E = Even parity (facility code)
O = Odd parity (badge number)
x = “Facility Code”
y = “Badge Number”

It turns out Casi-Rusco readers don’t actually output the same 40 bit number which the badge sends over the RF Signal. Within each reader, the card data is manipulated before the bits are sent to access panels. This information is not openly available. Of course, the original Casi-Rusco door readers knew how to manipulate data for their own badges.