Casinos etc

Has anyone used the Flipper Zero in any Casinos etc.

If so, would you mind sharing with us what you used it for and how you did it.

Thanks :+1::100:

I can’t think of a valid use in a Casino. There was an exploit using IR but that was patched long ago. I also would not get caught using the Flipper in a Casino you are not prepared to be ejected from permanently.

This would be to find out if they have any security breaches where using the Flipper Zero would influence wins etc in the casino.

How those machine work now is interesting. I’m told the randomization is based on the background radiation from space now. That isn’t the strangest way to create random numbers either. A company creating internet certificates used to use images of hundreds of lava lamp to seed their random number generation process. I hear Cloudflare may still use that system.