CEPAS - EzLink / Nets

Would like to request support for CEPAS cards, those are commonly used as travel cards in Singapore.
Cards that use this protocol are NETS and EzLink cards.
Currently the Flipper Zero doesn’t allow for saving of such NFC file.
There currently are android apps that fetch the content of such cards (reference: GitHub - metrodroid/metrodroid: Read data from public transit cards using your NFC Android phone! (iOS 13 and PC/SC support coming soon)).

Content of the card include:

  • Balance
  • Ride details
  • Top ups and transactions
  • Card CAN Number (also written on the card)

NFC-Type B. I did request for it to be implemented in flipper. Hopefully someday …

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I hope this gets voted :slight_smile:

Bumping this post as i would like to be able to read CEPAS data as well