Chromebook BadUSB scripts?

I’ve tried to find scripts for chromebook but I’ve come to no avail. If you have any scripts please reply with please and thank you.

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I do not understand the request.

  • Plug your Flipper to your Chromebook (YOUR!!)
  • Verify it is really your Chromebook
  • start BadUSB
  • select a BadUSB script
  • Run it.

BadUSB is just a very fast Keyboard. (Nearly) Everything you can type, can be executed via DuckyScript.

Without knowing what you want to archive more than ‘just get Ducky Payload’ it is difficult to answer.

Here is one script, claimed to work ‘on all OS’:
I doubt this will work on Android … But it could work on ChromeOS.

I do like this story of ‘GoodUSB’ use, to mass enroll Chromebooks: Reddit - Dive into anything

i have one! it signs you out

signout_CHROMEOS.txt (44 Bytes)