Cloning my NFC apartment building key...problems I ran into

Hey guys!
I moved to a new flat in a big apartment complex. I use a keyless smartlock for my apartment but I still have a Key to access the buildings car park. I tend to lose it so i tried to clone using my flipper. The building finished in 2021 so maybe the got some advanced security for their NFC keys. Maybe someone can point me towards a fix to my problem:

That’s the brand of key my apartment uses. It’s an austrian company…don’t know much more about them…

That’s what my flippers tells me when I scan the key’s NFC signature

After I click to save what the flipper scanned that’s the error I get when I try to open the file

Can anybody help me out? Is there a different firmware out there? Or is it simply impossible to do using a Flipper?

Give these a look. Desfire is the search term that should give you answers.

Thank you very much…I read through it but the tldr seems to be: Im SCREWED…

Does anybody have another idea?

That’s my take as well. At least for now.

Thank you! At least I know where I stand now!

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