Command to Daikin heat pump from outside home

i want to add to an daikin heat pump already pilot with a remote, an item to command “set ON/OFF” for heating and Frozen from ouside home.
The inside model of the heat pump is : EKCBX008 V3
the remote : EKRTR (reciever) and EKRTR1 (transmitter) with protocol 433.92 Mhz

so i would like to know if someone have already used Flipper Zero for that kind of equipment ?
and if i could find the code for ON/OFF heat/frozen ?

2nd if so i would like to drive my ON/OFF from outside home, is this able and how could i proceed ?

3rd if i could bind with homeassistant this will be a real goodies.

I don’t see it in the Flipper SubGhz repo sadly but there is an HA component if you have a supported model. The Broadlink RM pro devices may also be able to control it through Home Assistant.

thanks for your response but this old model of heat pump doesn’t support the BRP072A43 device, or any device using P1P2 entries, there is no way to add the heat pump directcly to the network and no connector to add network devices on the inside / outside board.

i will check with the broadlink RM.

i look at the RPM4 Pro nd i see that it is non compatible with the RF with versatil code only fixed one.