Connect Flipper as BT remote to Smart TV

Is there a way that Flipper would be recognized as BT remote for Smart TV or Google TV (at home I have Mi TV with BT remote and second TV with Google TV box)? BT is on, still it’s not recognised as device on Google TV. Phone recognise it and is connecting.


I think you might be able to get the TV to recognize the Flipper as a keyboard or game controller. Look up the Keynote app in the forums here.

The BT Stack in the Flipper zero is limited.
I don’t know what this means in detail, but from what I’ve read here, I think not every protocol is supported

For example the RPC requests from your Phone/App can be managed via serial, but the remote posiivle speaks something like AVRCP (see List of Bluetooth profiles - Wikipedia).

As @Astra mentioned in another post, it would be possible to use the full Stack for the STM32, but it will take all the space, so there is nothing left for other cool Flipper core functions.

I think best practice would be an external BT board via GPIO. Haven’t tried it yet, but I definitely will some day.

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Some devices have both IR and BT receivers like my Fire TV. I have found 17 infrared commands that replicate BT commands on my Fire TV Omni. My understanding is that some devices without an IR receiver can also take advantage of IR if you plug an IR receiver into them. Due to lack of interest these features aren’t widely talked about. The Flipper can of course emulate those IR codes. Not quite as cool as BT though.

From the FAQ for the FLIRC Flip 1s

Does Skip work with the smart devices that have no IR input?

Two workarounds exist for these devices. Most support HDMI-CEC, which means you can control them using your TV remote buttons on the Skip 1s. Many also support USB in, including the Fire TV Stick, Raspberry Pis, and any other HTPC. For those, we suggest pairing your Skip with a Flirc USB for ultimate control.

The IR and the BT are two complete different approaches.

The BT ist controlling the FireTV Stick/Cube. And if supported and setup, via CEC it can control some basics of a TV/AVR. Pretty much what you’ve said.

But the FireTV Remote does not have a IR function with 17 Codes.
The remote has a IR transmitter tha can be configured via a Database for 17 buttons (seems a lot to me, I have not checked).

There are two ways of setup the IR Codeset.

  1. Let the Remote send keys and if the TV/AVR ist going off, follow the spoken commands.
  2. Set up from a Database. Either from a list of Vendor - Model, or from a 4 digit code. I haven’t used the last one just read about during the set up of my Epson Beamer.

That is the reason, why it would not make sense to provide the codes from the Alexa Remote or any Universal remote. They can be programmed individually. It would be great to have access to the whole Database.

Good idea, tried it, but seems chromecast does not see it as Flipper is not entering pairing mode.

And yes, chromecast remote is BT (same on MI smart TV), but has also option to turn TV by IR (on/off and sound).

Oh, sorry. I’ve thought we are talking about the Alexa remote. My fault

I don’t know/have a Google Chromecast Remote here. The last Mi remote I’ve had to use was BT only.
I think the fundamentals are similar, but can say anything in particular.

You misunderstand. I did not program 17 functions to the remote. I found 17 IR codes that duplicate BT commands on my Fire TV. NO CEC or Bluetooth remote needed. I use my IR blaster to send those codes to the Fire TV directly which has IR built in. I know it sounds backward for a device that uses BT to be controlled by IR but that is exactly what Amazon did.
This TV and according to FLIRC some other devices can in fact be controlled directly with infrared remote controls. For me the Element branded TV infrared remote codes operate 17 functions of my fire TV linked below.

Same here. Mi remote is bluetooth and does not recognise flipper with keynote app launched. No IR signals sent.
Chromecast has IR, but it just to turn on or off TV and adjust sound. Tried to copy, without success. Does not recognise flipper as BT keyboard.

No, there isn’t a straightforward way to use Flipper Zero as a Bluetooth remote for Smart TVs or Google TV at this time

There are plenty of convoluted ways though. :laughing:
I use a mix of Bluetooth, 433mhz RF, infrared, API’s, webhooks, and ADB over the network to control our TV’s(and anything else). I have a wireless remote connected to a Raspberry PI and the Flipper uses a 433MHz RF gateway.