Could the flipper detect brainwaves with the proper hardware?

If possible I was wondering if this device could read them and what I’d need to learn and build or buy to do so?

Yes and no. You’re looking for eeg, which the flipper does not have hardware for. That being said, there are in fact open source eeg headsets (openbci), so you could conceivably connect the two. Ysk, however, that eeg signals are notoriously difficult to read for a variety of different factors, including a terrible issue with noise.

What are you trying to do?


The real problem with using the Flipper is the interpretation. The tiny screen and lack of a powerful CPU or GPU would make it extremely impractical.

If you wanted to control the Flipper something like this is possible. It would make a fun party trick. Just don’t get your expectations too high.

I am not an expert , but as far as i can remember brainwaves are somewhat on the low spectrum between 1 and 15mhz , so i would guess going into CB shortwave would be a good starting-point? :laughing: