Create first own App

i finally got a flipper zero.
Now i want to create my own apps, but i don’t have any ideas how to get started with that.
Thank for every tipp and help.

PS: Sorry for my bad english, i’m a german.

Imagine you got a new PC, go to anywhere and ask ‘Hey I want to write programs’ … It is hard to tell where to start. What do you want to archive?

Since the firmware is still beta and there is no official documentation, maybe you should start with GitHub - csBlueChip/FlipperZero_plugin_howto: A simple plugin for the FlipperZero written as a tutorial example [ie. excessive documentation & error handling]

But it is Open source. You could also take a look at flipperzero-firmware/applications at dev · flipperdevices/flipperzero-firmware · GitHub, how it is done.


It’s still hard to find useful documentation. Best you can do is study the code of other applications.

A pretty good starting guide was made by DroomOne

Also I’m working on a boilerplate to offer a good base for future apps. This utilizes features of the FW such as scene_magager, view_dispatcher, menus and configuration pages. Basically a lot of nice-to-have features you don’t want to think about every time you develop an app.