Cryplock? does not seem to read anything


I have a system from 2015 that uses very cool super thin and light glassfiber key fobs. There’s only a very faint 6 digit number on them. Seems to be like these:

That’s the only photo I could find, it says 13MHz, but in my case it must be 125kHz. I couldn’t find those fobs anywhere.
I’m sure it’s a 125kHz System. The datasheet for the reader is this:
ats1192-1-en-admin.pdf (579.8 KB)

Readers are these:

FZ doesn’t seem to recognize or read anyting from the tags, it just keeps flashing.
I have a RAW read and try to attach.

Does anyone know these or how to find out? Can they be made to work with Flipper?
Any hints appreciated! (233.6 KB)

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