Curiosity Mifare 1K blocked

Hi, this is the first post I’ve written here, I’m happy to be part of this community. Let’s get to us, I’ve been enjoying deciphering and reading Mifare 1k cards for a while, I read them, I try to understand their values ​​etc. Now I’m faced with a new difficulty, I found a type of Mifare 1K that I can’t read so I can’t even do a nested attack.

This technology is developed by Enginko. I practically can’t read the Mifare 1k, once after 18 hours of reading, the pinball machine detected almost nothing. Now my question is: If with what I read I added the UID (which I have in my possession) can I fill in the Mifare 1k? Or do you have another way to bypass this problem I have?

Thanks for your interest to everyone who responds.

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Details please?
Nested is impossible in two cases: no known keys (0/32 shown) or latest generation of cards. In either case, you may want to try “Detect Reader”, referring to corresponding manual.