Customer Service /Support Problem

I received my Flipper Zero 6 weeks ago, Got error out of the box when trying to use NFC “Error, NFC failed to start. Send photo of this to [email protected]

After some troubleshooting back and forth, Sergio sent over an email saying “We will send you you a label soon”. 6 weeks and more than a dozen emails to Sergio ([email protected]) I keep getting the same response “We will send you you a label soon” (assuming “Sergio” is real and not a robot reply).

Can anybody in the forum help or give me another contact email at flipper zero?

Thanks in advance,


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Try that domain.

@Wr3nch not sure if mentioning has ping :slight_smile: but he might be the one to give some advise here.

@Astra ping! :slight_smile:

Hi Jim!

Could you give me your case number, so I can check it out? :slight_smile:

He sent me this in dm, and told him I am just a regular user lurking around all the time.

I was given case # 534-919861 on June 13th

But here is the case number he decided to sent me to save him some time.

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Thank you Sir_Fap_A_Lot!

I’ll see if I can get further information about the status of the label and see if there’s a possibility to speed it up!

Thank you Wr3nch


Yeah ive just given up on supoort from joom OR flipper. They only contact me to tell me to wait 10 more days again and again.

heya! sorry for the late response, but if you can give me your ticket number, i’ll gladly take a look to see what’s the holdup :slight_smile: