Cyfral keys not reading

I just got my Flipper and found that it can’t read two Cyfral keys I have.
Dallas works fine, Metakom is not available to test.
I don’t have another reader to check but the keys should be working.
Upgrading to latest firmware doesn’t solve the problem.
Is it a known issue? Should I ask support, Joom or would it be the same?

@Astra? Anyone?

My Flipper read Cyfral keys without problems. Firmware 0.71.1, official.

Mine reads Cyfral as well, latest version of U****** firmware. As a matter of fact i’ve been using that firmware since i did get my flipper and it allways read Cyfral.

OK, I narrowed it down for one of the keys (the other is apparently broken). It is not something Flipper can recognize - nonstandard or substandard, but it works and opens corresponding door. Now I’m interested in some sort of oscilloscope or logic analyzer (read raw for GPIO would suffice) as Flipper app to record key <-> lock conversation and try to make sense from it. Do you know one?

I think you can try cheap logical analyzer from Aliexpress - look for “USB logical analyzer”.