Date of Arrival Repost

I bought a Flipper Zero today and was wondering what is the usual time it takes for a Flipper to be shipped to the U.S.A.

That will depend on handling time, your distance from California(that’s where mine shipped from), and the shipping method you chose. Some people I talked to got them a couple days after shipping. Handling time was five days for me but I think Thanksgiving slowed them down a bit.

Purchased mine November 23rd late in the day.

Notified of shipped status on November 28th.

Sat in shipping purgatory with no notice of shipping progress until last night, December 1st.

Looks to be a stay-away so I anticipate delivery either tomorrow or Monday.

So I had four days of waiting from purchase until I got a shipping notification, and so far 4 days worth of shipping travel. However I will say that after I got my USPS notification there was no activity for 3 days.

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The shipping updates have been slow to come for me arriving hours after a scan. I’m sure the faster shipping option is better though. The route mine is taking looks comical. My flipper went to the opposite coast then passed very close to my home only to travel 300 miles in another direction. I may share a map of it’s trip just for the lolz after it arrives.

Well I’m in Cali and haven’t gotten anything relating the shipping for the past week

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It should hopefully show up fast after you get that notice at least. The wait is killing me. Mine seems to be taking longer on the last 300 then it did to cross the country. I’ve been trying to learn everything I can about the Flipper in the mean time. At least our shipments didn’t get seized by customs entering the country!

Well it’s here.
Some shipping company called “OSM” delivered it to my local USPS hub. They delivered day after receiving it.
OSM seemed to hold on to it for a few days after notifying me.


Mine has showed it with OSM since December 2, 2022. I don’t understand why they are still selling them but customers aren’t receiving them. Support is not responsive when you email them.

Are you in the US? That is a long time.