Debugging via wifi dev-board fails with multiple error messages

I have read the following docs:

I can reach the dev board via wifi.

If I invoke ./fbt blackmagic
I get the following output:

SDKCHK	firmware/targets/f7/api_symbols.csv
API version 26.0 is up to date
arm-none-eabi-gdb-py -ex "target extended-remote" -ex "source ./debug/gdbinit" -q -ex "monitor swdp_scan" -ex "monitor debug_bmp enable" -ex "attach 1" -ex "set mem inaccessible-by-default off" -ex "source ./debug/FreeRTOS/" -ex "source ./debug/" -ex "fap-set-debug-elf-root build/f7-firmware-D/.extapps" -ex "source ./debug/PyCortexMDebug/" -ex "svd_load ./debug/STM32WB55_CM4.svd" -ex compare-sections build/f7-firmware-D/firmware.elf
Reading symbols from build/f7-firmware-D/firmware.elf...
Remote debugging using
Ignoring packet error, continuing...
warning: unrecognized item "timeout" in "qSupported" response
Ignoring packet error, continuing...
Remote replied unexpectedly to 'vMustReplyEmpty': timeout
"monitor" command not supported by this target.
"monitor" command not supported by this target.
Don't know how to attach.  Try "help target".
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./debug/", line 204, in <module>
    helper = FlipperAppStateHelper()
  File "./debug/", line 138, in __init__
  File "./debug/", line 199, in set_debug_mode
    gdb.execute(f"set variable furi_hal_debug_gdb_session_active = {int(mode)}")
gdb.MemoryError: Cannot access memory at address 0x200008f0
Set 'build/f7-firmware-D/.extapps' as debug info lookup path for Flipper external apps
Python Exception <class 'NameError'> name 'helper' is not defined: 
Error occurred in Python: name 'helper' is not defined
Loading SVD file ./debug/STM32WB55_CM4.svd...
Loading pickled SVD
Processing SVD tree
SVD Ready

If i try then try load anyways, I get the following output:

(gdb) load
You can't do that when your target is `exec'

When I do it over USB beforehand (./fbt blackmagic BLACKMAGIC=/dev/ttyWhateverItWas), it works over WiFi afterwards.

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