Decode Radiosonde like RS41

There are a lot of people chasing for radiosondes and it would be cool if you could use the Flipper to decode the exact position when you are at the place of the last decoded position from the fixed groundstations.

The radiosondes transmit around 403MHz, for example 404,10 MHz.
We are using Lora32 to decode which have also a cc1101 on it?

here is the software for the lora32 boards:

and here is another decoder:

the most used radiosondes are here with us RS41

some more infos about the rs41

I have some to test, I could also send to you, if someone here would like to try program something? what do you thing is it possible?

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Hi there !

My question might be a bit silly for you but why do you want to ‚Äúdecode the exact position when you are at the place of the last decoded position from the fixed groundstations‚ÄĚ ?



nice of you to ask, the problem is this.
There are some receiving stations distributed but they stop receiving the position when the altitude decreases.

so in practice it is usually the case that you dont know the exact landing position.
most of the time the last positions are 50-200m high and depending on the wind and the falling speed there is still time to fall further away.

therefore you have to drive to the last position and there you can receive the signal again because you are only a few hundred meters away and can decode on the actual position where the radiosonde is located because the radiosonde will still transmit the telemtrie data many hours.


Having a Flipper as a decoder would be really cool. Maybe you could even connect a gps-module to it.

only possible with good antenna and external module.
integrated one is deaf it cannot hear signals send from 50m

I would also like to have decode capability for locating on the ground. I have an external Sub-GHz RF module with an SMA connector. If LAT/LON and signal strength were displayed, it would be very helpful.