Decode Sirandre Sindaur garage door


I would like to use my Flipper Zero to open the Sirandre Sindaur garage door.
Can you help me, please?
I could share you some informations.

Remote left button sub file: Badge NLG gauche.sub - Google Drive
Remote right button sub file: Badge NLG droite.sub - Google Drive

Thank you very much!


Maybe is someone know how can I open my gate with my Flipper Zero using rolling code?

Thank you.

Rolling codes are not supported by the firmware. You can rest this in some posts, here in the forum.

Even if the rolling code would be supported, you need to extract the rolling sequence from the firmware of an original remote or ask your vendor. Mort times they are not so nice to tell the needed details.



Ok, thank you for this heads-up👌🏽.