DESFire read error

I tryed to read one DESFire fob, but FZ cannot identify it.

At first, I try NFC-Read option. When fob is present, screen changes from “Apply card to Flipper’s back” to “Reading card, don’t move”, and that’s all (tested for 30 mins).

Then I try to read it via NFC-Extra Actions - Read Specific Card Type. After select “Read Mifare DESFire” nothing happen. Then I tryed all other types. I am able to read this fob only via “Read Mifare Classic”.

After successfull read is this fob identified as a “Mifare Classic Mini 0.3K”, but my phone identify it as a"Mifare DESFire EV1 256b" (correct).

Fob ref:

Please do not hesitate to ask for any logs, photos, … .

Thanks for any help.