Dev Board Wifi not detecting and Maurader not Working

Just bought a Dev board and tried to setup. I did everything what this video demonstrated

The installation had no problem. My computer detected the Dev board and it indicated that the installation was complete.
But when I connected the Dev board to my flipper, I couldn’t find anything new on GPIO. So, I tried to do the wireless setup, but none of my devices (Desktop & Laptop) haven’t detected the WI-FI ( blackmagic).

I have no clue what the problem is. I bought the flipper and the Dev board from the official store, so I’m pretty sure they are reliable. However, I’ve been trying to figure out why my Dev board is not working properly. I even pressed on reset button and reinstalled Maurader, but nothing was solved. Even the WIFI wasn’t working.

You need to be on the Black Magic firmware to connect to the blackmagic wifi. From the guide I assume you are using Marauder, which is a different firmware.

What do you mean by this?

Marauder has different versions and firmware’s, while most are semi compatible maybe the flash on the devboard is just crippled, do the leds change color after starting marauder? if you scan for ssid for example, but that is just for the marauder application a PoC that it can run on very little resources. you have to have the right firmware on the devboard for that application, but that means you are not running blackmagic. If you want to use the blackmagic for flashing stuff like intended you need to get it back into dfu and reflash the blackmagic firmware first.

Also changing the firmware on the board does not change the applications on your FZ so you also need the marauder application on your sd of your FZ. It is not like you plug it in and magicly like USB a application appears on a drive.

so if you want to play with marauder ( trust me it is very disappointing, aircrack-ng/mdk3/mdk4 can do more on a laptop ) get the right application and the right firmware on the devboard first with usbcable… then you can use the maraude application if you have it on your FZ, so you might need to put that onto your SD first if it is not already on there.

then if you start the application , you should see leds change indicating it is working otherwise you get a error it cannot find the board.

On the Flipper → Apps → GPIO → WiFiMaurader

The WiFiMaurauder should appear, but it doesn’t.

After turning on the FZ, the leds change color. Also, how do I know which package is the right one? Do I just install the most recent version?

Just to be clear:

1: Install maurauder firmware on my FZ SD card
2: Install maurauder firmware on the Dev board.
3: Attach the Dev board to FZ.
4: Turn on and the maurauder should appear on my FZ I guess?

Most importantly, how do I install maurauder on FZ SD card? I tried to figure out but all videos just show how to install maurauder on FZ.
In case any of you know, could you recommend me a video about it?

The WiFi Marauder app is an app that you need to download yourself. It won’t appear by just downloading the firmware.