Developing a Mifare 1K Classic Gen1 simple reader


My apologies if this is not the place to ask, kindly redirect me if needed.

I’ve looked at the official documentation, official and non-official plugin development documentation, yet, I’m still unable to find relevant information (or examples) regarding Mifare. I’ve also checked other apps, but their mostly related with cracking attacks.

Maybe some dev here can help me out.

I want to create a simple app:

  1. I have all the keys; no cracking or messing with sector 0 is needed.
  2. Read specific sector (10) on the 4th position
  3. Display the value (either hex or int)
  4. Allow to input a different value
  5. Write card/sector

Yet, I’m not being able to find examples or documentation on how to accomplish this.

Anyone available to help or point the right direction please?

Already opened a thread here but without meaningful help so far. Help needed - Write a specific value on a specific sector (Mifare 1k) - #6 by amal - Support - Dangerous Things Forum

(Currently, I do this with Android + Mifare Classic Tool but it’s time consuming with all those extra, non-needed, steps. Having a dump doesn’t help since the byte value needs to be changed accordingly to a specific situation, not relevant for the development part.)