Device screen randomly stopped working


my flipper’s screen seems to have stopped displaying, the device functions normally, the backlight comes on, when I plug it into the Qflipper I can navigate the device because the Qflipper shows what’s going on the screen, but the screen on the device only lights up, it doesn’t display anything, i have tried re- installing the last update, but no dice :confused:

any advice is appreciated

Thank you

here you go son

Most likely firmware is OK and the damage is hardware related (damaged screen) or just the cable that pluggs the screen to the main PCB. Contact tech support first. If you are confortable with disassemble flipper you can try to re-set the ribbon/flat cable or the LCD on the PCB.

i tried firmware recovery and no dice, I’m still with the flipper fully functioning without the display showing anything, i might try what spildit is suggesting next

maybe contact customer support

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