Difference between Infared v SubGHZ

what is the difference between infared and subghz

is subghz over a remote code?

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The Flipper is a learning tool so I love to see your curiosity. Infrared is light not visible to the human eye and it can’t travel through things like walls. When you use an infrared remote you must point it directly at the device it’s controlling. SubGHZ is like a radio or TV station. It can travel through walls and it usually travels in all directions from the transmitter. As an experiment use your phones camera to look at the dark panel on the Flipper when you transmit an infrared signal.

TIP: Many remote controls use both infrared and radio waves. For instance Roku TV remotes usually turn the TV on with infrared but they do everything else with radio. An interesting trick is to unplug the TV from power. Then the remote will send all signals over infrared because it can’t talk to the TV with radio. Then you can capture those with your Flipper and use them to control the TV.

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thank you man.

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Glad to help!