Dropped Flipper, display no workie

Hi, I received my brand new in box Flipper, took it out, and … promptly dropped it on the floor. The display looks like this now:


Is there any hope for my poor dolphin?

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Possibly a dislodged display. Here is what things look like inside.

This is a hardware fault, please contact [email protected]

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Thanks, I did on 5/18, nothing back yet.

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Did you get the initial confirmation that your email was received? If not, please try sending your request again

I’ve seen a couple complaints recently about not getting a reply email. Did you check spam? Some filters are very aggressive.

I resent the email and got a reply. They’re recommending I wait until they begin selling replacement parts.

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you ever get a replacement???

Its taken them almost over 2 months and I’ve had a brick THE WHOLE TIME

Every email ignored multiple cases created and ignored I even have an email from Sergio saying they would be replacing

Nope. Haven’t heard anything about replacement parts.

Mail address that I just tried to respond to isn’t working

I guess Sergio wasn’t so much of manager as he was bad at his job

Mine, 2 1/2 months old, literally never worked

And now I’m getting the runaround and emails disappear and I can’t get my stuff that I ordered and was told would be replaced so I’m going to contact the California state board of equalization and consumer affairs as well as my bank and get all of my money back

And maybe get flipper shut down unless they just you know do what they said they would a month and a half ago