ECG module ad8232

Hello everyone. Im stuck in my project. When im trying to gcc -0 compile heart.c and ad8232.h no errors but file compiles badly and cause this when i`m trying to make fbt fap.

#include <ad8232.h>
#include <time.h>

int main()
// Initialize the AD8232 and configure the gain and filtering settings

while (true) {
// Read the electrical activity of the heart from the AD8232
int heart_activity = ad8232::read();

// Calculate the heart rate from the heart activity data
int heart_rate = calculateHeartRate(heart_activity);

// Display the heart rate on the Flipper Zero's screen

// Wait for a moment before reading the heart rate again


return 0;

Original code. My file ad8232 is empty.

Project on github - GitHub - sparkfun/AD8232_Heart_Rate_Monitor: AD8232 Heart Rate Monitor

Can someone help me with transfering software from adruino to flipper


I can’t help with this problem but thank you for sharing and if you figure it out I would love to hear more.

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This would be pretty epic