Electra intercom

Hello! Similar problem. Bought about 5-6 different tags. Clone and burn, I can. But the electra intercom does not read them, just like Flipper emulation itself.

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Same issue - electra is the first intercom that doesn’t work for me :slight_smile:

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so mo help ? its so wierd that electra not working with anything than electra tag ,it you go to a cloning shop they can make clones very easy. i have done in it

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Bump this! A whole country depends on it, maybe we can send you some demo keys guys ? Or order some online ? This needs to be looked at in some way or another, its a very powerful tool to have and without it you cant hack 90% of the keys here.


Hello! I also have problems with electra tags. Is there anything we can do to help the development team?

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I have found out some more information, it seems like older Electra systems work with this no problem, on the newer ones it says it works only with Electra tags as I found in the oficial documentation. So lets analyze what i’ve found. It seems newer Electra systems are not compatible with flipper emulation, but going deeper it seems the Flipper gets detected somehow, given the fact I can hear a small click when I get close to the reader, something like a pin resting but after that on the second try I cant detect any noise, not even the reader saying its incorrect. But funny enough if you try an older tag the reader types “Acces Denied”, i think this works even if its not an Electra tag (tried it with an older Electra tag I had). The Flipper seems like not being able to emulate the tag for whatever reason. But why does it seems to read all other tags except the Flipper? Someone needs to test if you can write an electra tag with the master key and open the door. The master key for the ones I’ve opened is FF:FF:FF:FF:FF. Also some other readers were present on other locations tested which worked wonderful including an NFC reader on some locations which seems to not be detected by the Flipper NFC Detect Reader function but Il post that to the NFC topic when I find more information.


Also today I found out you cant write a blank key from Electra using the Flipper, they use a device sold by Electra. Also the RFID tag has 3 codes, one code that is the basic code, one installer code ( this is written on the box of the Electra cloning equipment when bought), and one private code which must be a security measure taken by Electra to stop cloning. So I saved the FF:FF:FF:FF:FF code to the flipper and visited the nearest key shop and told them to copy the Flipper code to the tag ( they also told me that they cant make a custom code like the one I’ve found and a key needs to be copied, also the code was displayed as a string of numbers like “2365916492” or something like this) so I gave them my Flipper which they scanned ( a prompt popped saying that it was a Chinese copy of the tag) and then they transferred this to the tag which when read with the Flipper displays FF:FF:FF:FF:FD instead of the code provided. (I’ve tried this twice). I know dev’s are busy but maybe someone from the dev team might shed some light on this matter. Also all help is welcome so don’t hold back. :grin:
Also this is the installation tutorial of the intercom and some photos from my flipper :


up up up :slight_smile: we needs to find a way


Bumping the thread, same issue :frowning:


Same here!

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Same issue ! Need to find the solution :frowning:

I guess it would help to have RAW read dumps from both the original card that works
and a cloned card (the blank ones written to by flipper) which is not detected by the reader

then dev team might be able to figure out how both tags are differing

Hi! at your recommendation, I upload the raw files. As the name suggests, in “original_electra.zip” are the raw files resulting from reading an original electra tag. In the “electra_clone.zip” you can find the raw files read from a tag with the T5577 chip on which the original electra tag was cloned. I hope it is helpful.
Electra_original.zip (12.3 KB)
Electra_clone.zip (12.0 KB)

Not only Romania, Moldova also depends on this solution =) Same problem for us!

Maybe worth taking a look to:

It’s for a different hw but at least the change log mentions: “Added support to demodulate Electra tags and column parity check for EM410x”. Seems to be useful information related to how Electra tags work.


I’ve successfully managed to emulate and Electra tag by re-playing the raw capture.

  1. Record raw data
    125 kHz RFID->Extra Actions->Read RAW RFID data

  2. Re-play raw data from rfid command line interface
    //you can run it from an Android phone through “Serial USB Terminal” app for example → https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.kai_morich.serial_usb_terminal&hl=en&gl=US
    //replace the default name of the raw capture file with your own

: rfid raw_emulate /ext/lfrfid/RfidRecord.ask.raw

a. short time workaround would be to add the “raw_emulate” option to the rfid UI
b. long time implementation would be to add an Electra EM4100 protocol option. They are probably messing up with one of the parity bits (see the EM4100 standard at EM4100 protocol description).

Hrm! My attempts with raw_emulate showed that while there is some modulation received by reader, it doesn’t decode into original tag. It is also officially unsupported. Either it got better since then, or I was doing something wrong.

Find bellow a patch that adds “Add Emulate RAW RFID data” to UI “125 kHz RFID->Extra Actions” and instructions on how to build and update your firmware.
Note: raw filename is hardcoded to default “RfidRecord.ask.raw”. Please let me know if it works for you and I can make filename user provided input.

#1. copy sources locally
$ git clone GitHub - flipperdevices/flipperzero-firmware: Flipper Zero firmware source code
$ cd flipperzero-firmware/
#2. apply changes from the patch
$ git apply 0001-Add-Emulate-RAW-RFID-data-to-125-kHz-RFID-Extra-Acti.patch
#3. build the updated sources
$ ./fbt
#4. connect usb cable to flipperzero and update using built firmware
$ ./fbt flash_usb


From 3ed4dc5ed0e0d9d6338c1a89ce6adb4c9c71e230 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Dan Caprita <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2023 23:15:36 +0300
Subject: [PATCH] Add Emulate RAW RFID data to "125 kHz RFID->Extra Actions"

* works also with Electra raw dumps
  (use "125 kHz RFID->Extra Actions->Read RAW RFID data")
* need to activate Debug from "Settings->System" for RAW options

TODO: don't hardcode raw file name to default RfidRecord.ask.raw,
      allow user input

Signed-off-by: Dan Caprita <[email protected]>
 .../main/lfrfid/scenes/lfrfid_scene_config.h  |  1 +
 .../scenes/lfrfid_scene_extra_actions.c       | 13 +++
 .../lfrfid/scenes/lfrfid_scene_raw_emulate.c  | 85 +++++++++++++++++++
 3 files changed, 99 insertions(+)
 create mode 100644 applications/main/lfrfid/scenes/lfrfid_scene_raw_emulate.c

diff --git a/applications/main/lfrfid/scenes/lfrfid_scene_config.h b/applications/main/lfrfid/scenes/lfrfid_scene_config.h
index b77ade82..dede2a83 100644
--- a/applications/main/lfrfid/scenes/lfrfid_scene_config.h
+++ b/applications/main/lfrfid/scenes/lfrfid_scene_config.h
@@ -22,3 +22,4 @@ ADD_SCENE(lfrfid, raw_name, RawName)
 ADD_SCENE(lfrfid, raw_read, RawRead)
 ADD_SCENE(lfrfid, raw_success, RawSuccess)
 ADD_SCENE(lfrfid, rpc, Rpc)
+ADD_SCENE(lfrfid, raw_emulate, RawEmulate)
diff --git a/applications/main/lfrfid/scenes/lfrfid_scene_extra_actions.c b/applications/main/lfrfid/scenes/lfrfid_scene_extra_actions.c
index fac2ebce..1bec9c89 100644
--- a/applications/main/lfrfid/scenes/lfrfid_scene_extra_actions.c
+++ b/applications/main/lfrfid/scenes/lfrfid_scene_extra_actions.c
@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@ typedef enum {
+    SubmenuIndexRAWEMULATE,
 } SubmenuIndex;
 static void lfrfid_scene_extra_actions_submenu_callback(void* context, uint32_t index) {
@@ -39,6 +40,15 @@ void lfrfid_scene_extra_actions_on_enter(void* context) {
+    if(furi_hal_rtc_is_flag_set(FuriHalRtcFlagDebug)) {
+        submenu_add_item(
+            submenu,
+            "Emulate RAW RFID data",
+            SubmenuIndexRAWEMULATE,
+            lfrfid_scene_extra_actions_submenu_callback,
+            app);
+    }
         submenu, scene_manager_get_scene_state(app->scene_manager, LfRfidSceneExtraActions));
@@ -68,6 +78,9 @@ bool lfrfid_scene_extra_actions_on_event(void* context, SceneManagerEvent event)
         } else if(event.event == SubmenuIndexRAW) {
             scene_manager_next_scene(app->scene_manager, LfRfidSceneRawName);
             consumed = true;
+        } else if(event.event == SubmenuIndexRAWEMULATE) {
+            scene_manager_next_scene(app->scene_manager, LfRfidSceneRawEmulate);
+            consumed = true;
         scene_manager_set_scene_state(app->scene_manager, LfRfidSceneExtraActions, event.event);
diff --git a/applications/main/lfrfid/scenes/lfrfid_scene_raw_emulate.c b/applications/main/lfrfid/scenes/lfrfid_scene_raw_emulate.c
new file mode 100644
index 00000000..b3fef0c7
--- /dev/null
+++ b/applications/main/lfrfid/scenes/lfrfid_scene_raw_emulate.c
@@ -0,0 +1,85 @@
+#include "../lfrfid_i.h"
+typedef struct {
+    FuriString* string_file_name;
+    bool error;
+} LfRfidEmulateRawState;
+static void lfrfid_raw_emulate_callback(LFRFIDWorkerEmulateRawResult result, void* context) {
+    LfRfid* app = context;
+    if(result == LFRFIDWorkerEmulateRawFileError) {
+        view_dispatcher_send_custom_event(app->view_dispatcher, LfRfidEventReadError);
+    } else if(result == LFRFIDWorkerEmulateRawOverrun) {
+        view_dispatcher_send_custom_event(app->view_dispatcher, LfRfidEventReadOverrun);
+    }
+void lfrfid_scene_raw_emulate_on_enter(void* context) {
+    LfRfid* app = context;
+    Popup* popup = app->popup;
+    LfRfidEmulateRawState* state = malloc(sizeof(LfRfidEmulateRawState));
+    scene_manager_set_scene_state(app->scene_manager, LfRfidSceneRawEmulate, (uint32_t)state);
+    state->string_file_name = furi_string_alloc();
+    popup_set_icon(popup, 0, 3, &I_RFIDDolphinReceive_97x61);
+    view_dispatcher_switch_to_view(app->view_dispatcher, LfRfidViewPopup);
+    lfrfid_worker_start_thread(app->lfworker);
+    lfrfid_make_app_folder(app);
+    //TODO: don't hardcode it, allow user to input it
+    furi_string_set(app->raw_file_name,"RfidRecord");
+    furi_string_printf(
+        state->string_file_name,
+        "%s/%s%s",
+        furi_string_get_cstr(app->raw_file_name),
+    popup_set_header(popup, "Emulating\nRAW RFID\nASK", 89, 30, AlignCenter, AlignTop);
+    lfrfid_worker_emulate_raw_start(
+        app->lfworker,
+        furi_string_get_cstr(state->string_file_name),
+        lfrfid_raw_emulate_callback,
+        app);
+    notification_message(app->notifications, &sequence_blink_start_cyan);
+    state->error = false;
+bool lfrfid_scene_raw_emulate_on_event(void* context, SceneManagerEvent event) {
+    LfRfid* app = context;
+    Popup* popup = app->popup;
+    LfRfidEmulateRawState* state =
+        (LfRfidEmulateRawState*)scene_manager_get_scene_state(app->scene_manager, LfRfidSceneRawEmulate);
+    bool consumed = false;
+    furi_assert(state);
+    if(event.type == SceneManagerEventTypeCustom) {
+        if(event.event == LfRfidEventReadError) {
+            consumed = true;
+            state->error = true;
+            popup_set_header(
+                popup, "Reading\nRAW RFID\nFile error", 89, 30, AlignCenter, AlignTop);
+            notification_message(app->notifications, &sequence_blink_start_red);
+        }
+    }
+    return consumed;
+void lfrfid_scene_raw_emulate_on_exit(void* context) {
+    LfRfid* app = context;
+    LfRfidEmulateRawState* state =
+        (LfRfidEmulateRawState*)scene_manager_get_scene_state(app->scene_manager, LfRfidSceneRawEmulate);
+    notification_message(app->notifications, &sequence_blink_stop);
+    popup_reset(app->popup);
+    lfrfid_worker_stop(app->lfworker);
+    lfrfid_worker_stop_thread(app->lfworker);
+    furi_string_free(state->string_file_name);
+    free(state);

There shouldn’t be any decoding-encoding involved, it’s just replaying what was dumped (raw data). It was just a PoC (proof of concept) to see if there are any hardware limitations of the flipperzero.
See also the 0001-Add-Emulate-RAW-RFID-data-to-125-kHz-RFID-Extra-Acti.patch for the RFID UI app, so that you don’t need an additional device (phone, laptop) to trigger the raw emulation from CLI.

To check your raw dump, you can run from CLI: rfid raw_analyze /ext/lfrfid/RfidRecord.ask.raw

I do have a Proxmark3 easy but didn’t manage to clone the Electra EM410x tag… I also tried it to clone it on a t55xx chip + password for write protection…but didn’t help … the cloned fobs don’t work…