Emulate URC7740

I’m trying to region free a DVD Sony BPD-5100 qnd found a way to do it with an URC 7740 universal remote controller (Sony BDP-S5100 region code - VideoHelp).
Is there a way to emulate this remote in F0 ?
Thx for helping.

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I believe “BPD” indicates it’s a Blue-ray player so see if any of these work. If one works but it doesn’t have the magic button you need let me know. If we know which profile works we may be able to figure out the magic button.

All three profiles are working.

The URC remote is supposed to be programmed with 5 keys correponding to URC codes 00189, 00255, 00095, 00221 and 00079 (see link in the original post). These keys then need to be send to the BlueRay player to make it region free.

I don’t know to which IR sequence or codes it does correspond.

Somebody with an URC 7740 or equivalent recording the IR would certainly help.

The leading 00 seems to be not relevant. So you need to send 189, 255, 95, 221 and 79 in hex: BA FF 5F D3 4F

I would try to write a Universal_Remote.ir with this codes and hope the sequence is fast enough.
There is no macro-able remote app, I know.

Something like:

Filetype: IR library file
Version: 1
name: POWER
type: parsed
protocol: SIRC20
address: 5A 1C 00 00
command: BA 00 00 00
name: POWER
type: parsed
protocol: SIRC20
address: 5A 1C 00 00
command: FF 00 00 00
name: POWER
type: parsed
protocol: SIRC20
address: 5A 1C 00 00
command: 5F 00 00 00
name: POWER
type: parsed
protocol: SIRC20
address: 5A 1C 00 00
command: D3 00 00 00
name: POWER
type: parsed
protocol: SIRC20
address: 5A 1C 00 00
command: 4F 00 00 00

See: flipperzero-firmware/tv.ir at dev · flipperdevices/flipperzero-firmware · GitHub

Sometimes the Commands needs to be reversed. But we need to check, because we can’t know.

Do you mean like this? @maqumih told me about it.

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Now that we know those profiles work @LupusE was able to copy the type, protocol, and address from them. You would see those lines are all the same. The protocol is basically the language the BDP-5100 speaks sort of like English or French. Address is how it says “Hey BDP-5100 this message is for you” similar to a mailing address. Then he converted the numbers provided from the tutorial you linked into hex and placed them into the line “command” which is essentially the message. He’s very good with IR.

Now I’ve have read the link.
Unfortunately there are key-press-sequences, that needs to be programmed in the All-In-One remote. That are not IR codes, as I expected from your list.

Maybe you are lucky and they are RAW sequences. The numberrange could be an indicator. Than maybe the Address should be 00 00 00 00. A lot to try and error on this topic.

This are all just thoughts I have no idea how All-In-One (as brand, not as generalisation for ‘universal remote’) remotes works. Maybe anyone has one at home, can programm it, capture the sequence with the Flipper (normal Infrared - New Remote - Save) and provide you the .ir file. Maybe it will be RAW, but that is okay.
In that case you just need to press 1 2 3 4 5 on the Flipper, as written at the website

I wonder why it wasn’t the first attempt, given a working remote and a FZ’s receiver.

If I read correctly I don’t think he has the remote.

Because this is not a function of a given remote.
It is a hack, to send a ‘hidden code’, generated by a specific universal remote.

Our problem here is, that the usage of the remote is mentioned, but not the plain codes.
So I assume the BD player will respond to the address from the other regular files. But maybe this action is with another address.
And because there is no feedback from the system, we need to test all possibilities with different .ir files. The proof is: region free after reboot… This will take some time.

I appreciate this approach. Very high geek factor.

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Let’s examine what we are doing.

This Programs the remote to Sony DVD player

  1. Hold the �magic button� until the LED ON THE REMOTE Flashes
  2. Switch to DVD by pressing the DVD button.
  3. Press 0533 (LED flashes twice)

Next we perform “Key Magic” to assign the various different codes to keys 1-5

  1. Hold the magic button until the LED on the remote flashes
  2. Press 994 (LED flashes twice)
  3. Press Magic Key (don’t hold)
  4. Press 00189
  5. Press 1 (This sets it to key 1 � LED flashes twice, if not
    repeat steps 4 to 8)

NOTE: They ask you to fill out a form to get the code for the function. It sounds as though all code will be 3 digits not including the “00”.
1 00189
2 00255
3 00095
4 00221
5 00079

The remote is now programmed and ready to use, to make the
Sony BDP- S5100 region free:

  1. Use the Sony remote that came with the player to bring
    the player out of standby and make sure there isn’t a disc
    in it.
  2. Make sure you have a clear line of sight with the S5100.
    Press 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 on the OneForAll remote, one after each
    other, firmly and with a slight delay between the numbers.
    There is nothing to indicate that it has worked at this
    stage. The Sony DVD player should briefly display “OK”
  3. Put the player back into standby with the Sony remote.
  4. Hard reboot machine by unplugging it completely from the
    power, after a few seconds plug it back in
  5. Next time you turn on the player it should be region free
    for DVD playback.
  6. If this doesn�t work the first time it is worth trying
    again as it is easy to get part of the process wrong.

So far I have found a few remotes with the “Magic” button.
OneForAll URC7740 (Remote mentioned)
OneForAll 2060(No DVD button)
OneForAll URC7945 (5 function remote)
OneForAll URC7955 (5 function remote)
OneForAll URC7980
OneForAll URC7880

Per the below page I’m fairly confident the feature works on the following.
urc7955 urc7980 urc7955-urc7740

I think I’m done with this for the day though.

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Thanks all for the help. Not at home right now so I’ll give it a shot later and report back here.

Unfortunately I don’t have the remote. So yes the easiest would be somebody to learn the codes from the remote (I guess any remote from URC with the magic button would do the trick).

Appreciate the efforts. Maybe the HEX will work fine.

Googleing for the RAW feature of All-For-One is nice. It lead me to the website One For All remote control codes Page … There is a nice explaination of the codes on the remote. And as expected, only the last 3 digits seems to be important. No value over 255.

The question is just if forward or reversed. Even if we have no remote, we can take one or two command sets from the website, search for the equivalent in the Flipper-IRDB (parsed, not raw) and compare the dec-to-hex converted (easy with any calculator) values.

I have no notebook with me and this is a little hard to perform at a 5" mobile phone screen. So, have fun :slight_smile:


That make a lot of sense if we convert 255 to binary we get 8 bits but very interesting to me commands are documented as only 7 bits. The Least Significant Bit is transmitted first which appears to be the rightmost bit if I understand correctly(Little-endian).

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I’m tempted to get a set of the remote and player and test it myself

Edit: I have a URC 7880 on the way

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That is I believe our best chance; I will try this week-end.

:hugs: Magic

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Very cool. I considered buying on myself.

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Tried the remote codes found by LupusE using the IRDB database with no success so far. :cry:

I guess we’ll have to wait somebody with a URC remote to learn the IR codes. :hugs: