Emulating Company Door Card is not working

Hi all,

i am a new owner of the flipper device and trying to work a little bit with it.
I am working for a security company and wanted to test some stuff.

I have a nfc card to open the door of my companies office. This card i tried to emulate but it doesnt work.

Scanning the card:
ISO: 14443-4 (NFC-A)
UID: some diggets here :slight_smile:
ATQA: with some numbers and SAK:

After reading the card, i saved it on my flipper (with the current version)
I wend to the card reader and open the saved file and emulate it.
But it doesnt work.

so my question is why and did i something wrong here?
Thanks a lot

well you blurred all the important information that allows anyone to help you.

if it mentions “MIFARE CLASSIC” on that screen of redacted info (SAK 08/98/88 ATQA 0004) then your problem is Why isn't Mifare Classic emulation working?

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Hi @equip,
let me share more details :slight_smile:

Unknown ISO tag
iso 14443-4(nfc-a)
uid:16…. 3D
atqa 0041 sak:20

Also strange thing. I can not detect the reader.
is this normal?

that’s not a mifare classic and therefore detect reader is not for you.

I am having the same issue. do you have any info on how to achieve what we are trying to do?