Emulations are not working

When i install some nfc or infrared signals off of github and unzip them and put them into my flippers sd card they do not showw up sometimes. whats the problem here?

Try rebooting the flipper. There are many possible reasons for this. If the reboot doesn’t work I’ll need more information. The files have to be correctly named, in the correct folders, and the correct format. Not all files are compatible with all firmware either.

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It is a common issue with GitHub to use ‘right click - save as…’ and get the .html instead of the wanted file. Even if the file is named .ir.
Open the file at your computer and take a look if it is html garbage or a useful format.

Here is the documentation, how the files should looks like: flipperzero-firmware/InfraredFileFormats.md at dev · flipperdevices/flipperzero-firmware · GitHub

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He says he “unzipped” the files so I ruled that out but perhaps I ruled it out too soon.

The baseline is the same. If he opens the .ir file and it is not the showed content, the flipper won’t be able to use it.

Without any specific (a link, a file, a step by step that is reproducible) every answer will just be as vague as ours til here.

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So true! My mind practically melted with the number of reasons a file might not work.