Encoding Rubber Ducky scripts

Can anyone please help - I have downloaded a Android Brute Force payload from Hack5 rubber ducky directory. Unfortunately I’m having a hard time trying to encode this script for use on my Flipper zero, apparently i need to do this first, This is my problem - (Error line 1: ATTACKMODE is not a valid command).
I am new to this, so a detailed description if there is one would be fantastic, and yes it is my own phone, Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

You’d like to get a detailed description without a detailed situation?

As far as I know you are using any Skript from hak5, that is using ATTACKMODE in line 1.

The Flipper Zero does not support all functions/modules/commands, as a full blown rubber Ducky script.
But to be fair, try to read a NFC Card, send a IR Command or scan the SubGHz with a Rubber Ducky.

First, try to find out what ATTACKMODE will do and if your script needs it.
If no: delete the line
If yes: find a workaround with supported commands.

Many Thanks for your prompt reply, so a few different scenarios to try and I will advise if I find the solution. Many thanks again.