Erase existing keys

I got an rfid 125hz ring that has something already written on it, but I can’t overwrite it. How would I go about doing that with the flipper?

You’ll need to use the 125khz RFID app, first to read or create the key you want to write on the ring, save it, and then write it to the ring using the “write” option in the saved key’s menu.

This process overwrites any existing data on the ring, btw.

Interesting. So I have a couple saved, and I was trying to write my work parking pass to it but it won’t overwrite the existing information. I tried the different saved keys I had on the flipper but none of them would override what was on the ring already.
I wish there was a “clear all data” or “reset key” type of option.

What kind of a ring do you have? Do you have a model name/number or a photo of it? I assumed it had a T5577 chip inside (a common 125khz rewritable chip), but it seems you have something different, as T5577 can only have one key saved to it at a time.

HECERE T5577 or UID chip RFID…

Here’s the exact model

There are 3 options, preprogrammed T5577, blank T5577 and 13mhz UID

Which one do you have?

I assume you have the preprogrammed T5577 variant, which sadly can’t be re-written, according to the Amazon description

I’m so embarrassed lol I didn’t realize the 5577 was blank. I just saw 125khz and the correct ring size and bought it.
Total bozo move on my part but thank you for the help. Im extremely new to all of this and learning as I go along


Does anyone know if the UID model of this ring supports 36 bit HID proximity, or if not is there a ring that does?