Exploit to be added

Hi! Did you already see this article? https://habr.com/ru/post/500396/
TLDR: code 1219191919 can be used to open some iButton/Mifare readers.


It’s not a complex exploit that requires it’s own function/feature/script as far as I can tell.

As far as I’m aware, the flipper will be able to import and export keys.
You would then just have to import the key “1219191919”.
Details on how to import iButton keys should be in the documentation for the flipper firmware when it’s released iirc.

According to the comments, you can use this as an EM-Marin key (you can create one in Flipper’s 125khz RFID app), or as a Dallas iButton key, with a value of 1219191919FFFFC7 (padding the value to 7 bytes and adding CRC as the 8th byte), but not sure if anyone tested the iButton variant of this bug.


Try this. It does place the majority of locks that i’ve seen in master mode (to accept user keys)

Filetype: Flipper iButton key

Version: 1

# Key type can be Cyfral, Dallas or Metakom

Key type: Dallas

# Data size for Cyfral is 2, for Metakom is 4, for Dallas is 8

Data: 01 FF FF FF FF FF FF 2F

This sounds like something that would fit well into a brute force type payload.