External antenna

Hello forum,

is there a way to extend the BT range with an external antenna or is it a better idea to change the firmware?

Thank’s a lot!


Why would you do that? To drain the battery faster? What do you do via Bluetooth, that needs more range?
As you can read in the blog, it was a challenge to create the antennas the way they are. I don’t think you can just use another antenna without deeper knowledge and outsmart the flipper developers.
(since you’ve posted in the NFC forum, this should be close enough: One step away from finishing hardware, can’t find the other antenna article at the moment.)

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Would like to be able to see more peripherals/slaves in my surroundings :slight_smile:

You can’t even scan for BT devices with flipper at this point … Unless you want to use BT Keyboard/mouse over a long distance … and this is the NFC section of the form anyway so if you want to extend NFC range you are out of luck as well … Flipper was not made to scan the cards of the ones living several houses away …

I know this is an old thread, but What a ridiculous response, man! If you don’t know or think it is not feasible just say that. Nobody is trying to outsmart anyone or doubting anyone’s work. Just give an answer if you have one.

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