External High Power LED‘s module *help wanted

I got some 10W 6V IR LED‘s with 940nm and a power consumption of 800mA to 1000mA. Someone got a idea wich circuit i need to modulate a 3,3V signal from pin A7 to a 6V signal at about 40khz?

Would prefer to use a external power source to prevent stressing the battery of the flipper *(if that’s even possible).

Was looking at logicLvL converters, sound amplifiers, and some mechanicalRelais not shure what im doing

any help welcome.

Sometimes you just need a little more range :wink:

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I’m not an electrical expert so I won’t try to give you a diagram but I believe I can point you in the right direction. I’d try using a transistor as a switch. If you want to be extra careful you could add an optoisolator.

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You want an optocoupler, it’s a transistor that can run at fast speeds and will isolate the load.



I had been using the two terms interchangeably and it appears many others do as well. Thanks for your correction. I now understand the difference and it’s a distinction worth knowing.

For anyone else that is interested.
Industrial terminology often blurs the lines between similar terms. Today we find that both the terms optocoupler and optoisolator are used interchangeably to refer to the same function. The distinguishing feature between these two terms is the amount of voltage being isolated. An optocoupler is used to transmit either analog or digital information from one voltage potential to another while maintaining isolation of the potentials of less than 5,000 V. The optoisolator is designed to isolate power systems while transmitting analog or digital data between the systems with isolation voltage between the power systems from 5,000 to more than 50,000 V.

Reference here.


Thanks for all the help, the tutorial was very helpful to give me a few what im doing.

since i try not to destroy everything I’ll probably resolder this circuit first with a 5W than with a 10W LED and hope for the best: https://a.aliexpress.com/_Ew11cMd

It looks like there is an octocoppler on this circuit, could be the easiest way to replicate a working system. Let’s see what happens…

Updates will follow

(Can’t post pictures here somehow)

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I don’t know what’s going on but basically no one can anymore. We have started using service like imgur to post pics.

I asked a someone that you could call an expert hardware hacker and she agrees on the optocoupler for safety over the transistor. I use transistors on my ESP devices but those are cheap and plentiful. Flippers aren’t either of those.

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Glad to hear thats save, Couldn’t handle the smoke so far.

should check out whats diodes doing, probably a cheap protection in case of unexpected happenings.

Resoldering the “700mA 3W 940nm LED High Power Infrarot Transmitter Modul for Arduino” with a 5W 1.4-1.6V ir Led was successfully. The second flipper recognizes the Signals threw my finger on the receiver :smiley:

Bord was powered with the FlipperZero

Now some measurements, removing resistors and add a capacitor, i guess that’s it

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here the results: i came to the conclusion shape and portability are in my focus for now.

The 5w IR LED works well.


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Very nice.

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