Failed update error 9-99

unable to update because there is error 9-99 someone can help me please

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Have you checked this thread? Hope it helps! :smiley:


I have the same problem … FIle uploaded to device fine, but during DFU check ( on flipper ) it raise error 9-99 … What could i do ( I tried to updated from mobile app and from mac os app woth no luck )

I bought other sd-card ( 16 gig sandisk), before that i tried 64 and 32 gigs kingstone, And sandisk card worked well! So if you have issues like that - try other sd-card )

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this worked thank you

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tenia una micro sd de 128 lenovo el mismo error, cambie por una de 16gb, actualizo sin problemas.

i had same issue, i bought like the person below mention MicroSD card less then 32GB and its back to normal no errors.