Farpointe Data Inc. 4-buttons garage fob

Freq: 433.919
ASK (OOK, AM) modulation
4 buttons raw attached
Ranger1.sub (132.3 KB)
Ranger4.sub (40.7 KB)
Ranger3.sub (49.3 KB)
Ranger2.sub (84.5 KB)

Do the captured files operate the system when replayed with flipper … ?

I did not try to replay the whole 10-sequence. I’ve recorded one and tried to replay it. It did not work.

Shall I try to replay the whole 10?

Try to record away from the system one time and then replay near the system to see if it’s a rolling code issue, most likely will not work. You can try with the exact frequency, add to the setting file the exact frequency of the remote and try again with both AM modulations, try to record away from the system and replay with flipper near the system.

Tried all that and it did not work.
My hope was that the initial post will help “add a protocol” to flipper. As per the post “protocol is not supported, how to add”

For the protocol to be added you need valid raw files first … If raw files don’t work they are not valid for your system and information to decode the protocol can’t be extracted from them.
Next step is to get SDR and check the correct frequency and modulation of your remote only then you can try to get valid captures and submit them to protocol implementation

Got it. Gone trying. Hopefully, I’ll be back soon.

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Hey @Spildit

I’ve got myself an SDR, captured the signal and have no idea what to do next. Can you maybe point me to some articles to read? Seems like AM to me.

Two consecutive sends with a little shift in the frequency.

4buttons.zip (4.8 MB)

Got those 4 buttons 10x presses each captured here.

Were you ever able to figure this out? I have the two button version of this same remote. I read every document ever made about these devices, but I can’t seem to get this working. I attached a bunch of documents and even more information can be found here: FCC ID T8I-RANGER2 . If anyone has any insights on this it would be much appreciated.

Transmitters_REF.pdf (947.8 KB)
FP_1222769.pdf (99.0 KB)
Farpointe Test-Report-1222768 .pdf (51.4 KB)

I was also able to find this attached document. It says the rolling code is “a custom rolling code variant of the Tiny Encryption Algorithm”.