./fbt flash_usb: dist_updater_minpackage: Error 1

mac os Monteray 12.5.1
IDE Clion
Clone original firmware last version (5 min ago)


Linking build/f7-firmware-D as latest built dir (./build/latest/)
HEX build/f7-firmware-D/firmware.hex
BIN build/f7-firmware-D/firmware.bin
firmware.bin: 192 flash pages (last page 49.80% full)
DFU build/f7-firmware-D/firmware.dfu
2023-01-19 21:03:41,336 [INFO] Firmware binaries can be found at:

All fine, then connect flipper to usb by usb type c → usb type c cable and run

./fbt flash_usb

…CLionProjects/flipperzero-firmware/toolchain/x86_64-darwin/python/lib/python3.9/tarfile.py", line 217, in itn
raise ValueError(“overflow in number field”)
ValueError: overflow in number field
scons: *** [dist_updater_minpackage] Error 1

********** FBT ERRORS **********
dist_updater_minpackage: Error 1

what am I doing wrong?
qFlipper see my device fine.