Feature request: CLI from app

The title says it all. It would be great to have the ability to interact with the cli from android via BT connection.

Pretty sure you can do that already. You need to download that app the does SSH over Bluetooth I believe.

I have a Kali chroot installed. The non-root version is enough to git clone https://github.com/wh00hw/pyFlipper … to be fair a BT keyboard makes the setup perfect, but it works pretty nice.

Every Linux on Android chroot will do the trick, but Kali is easy to setup and has a minimal/lite version.

Edit: Kali supports python > 3.9 OOTB. This is a blocker for some not maintained chroots, based on Debian Bullseye.

If Python is enough then Pydroid might be able to work as well. I sometime write code with Pydroid when i have a quick idea. It’s pretty good.

I wonder though what the Android app Tasker could potentially do? It has many plug ins and you can even create a stand alone app. Might be worth investigating.

Integration with the official app would be better, so don’t have to use hacky methods, like put linux and python to a mobile.

I don’t see my way as solution, it is more a workaround, that at least works for me.

I am not able to create a CLI into the official app.
But it is open source, so feel free to contribute a cleaner solution for all: GitHub - flipperdevices/Flipper-Android-App: Android Mobile app to rule all Flipper's family

There is still the SSH over BT app I mentioned. Nothing “hacky” about that.

"This is a brilliant suggestion! Enabling a Command Line Interface (CLI) directly from the app would be a game-changer for developers. It would streamline workflows and enhance productivity, especially for those of us in the mobile application development company space. This feature could significantly expedite the development process and make debugging a breeze. I’m all for it

What development advantage does this idea have over the WiFi dev board(not including the extra hardware)? Perhaps everyone got swept up in the WiFi Marauder scene and forgot the DEV board is for development? It has useful features you aren’t going to get over a Bluetooth serial connection. That isn’t to say I don’t support the idea of Bluetooth over serial. I’d love to have an official app for that or at least one from a trusted source.