Feature Request: IFTTT

The Service IFTTT (If this then that) offers the ability to make widget that can trigger multiple action. I would be epic to be able to chain Flipper Zero commands to a button on the Smartphone.


  1. I click a widget
  2. My TV turns on
  3. My TV sets the source to HDMI2
  4. My Surround Sound System switches on
  5. My Sound changes to channel 3
  6. My DVD player switches on

IFTTT offers possibilities to do such, we’d only need to have the flipper app be compatible with this. (Trigger IR, Sub-Ghz etc)

Actually just realized, there is an integration on Apply Shortcuts. But it only allows the “Play Alert” action. Would be nice to be able to trigger multiple actions such as those that are listed in the Flipper App under “Archive”

hey OP, did you see this?

I think it’s what you are looking for.

Already compiled and ready to use at least to one branch of the firmware version …

Thanks for the reply. Interesting, but actually the opposite, as the code triggers an IFTTT event from the Flipper.

What I’m looking for is a way for IFTTT to trigger actions on the Flipper.

Example: push one button on my Mobile phone → serial trigger 3 different IR actions and on subGhz request on the Flipper. (switch on TV, switch on DVD player, switch the TV to Source HDMI2, switch on Surround system)


That would be very useful. I hope someone make it

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