Feature request: Implement Android App Actions/Shortcuts as Send/Receive Triggers

Please consider the inclusion of Android App Actions and Shortcuts. Being able to trigger your own custom Flipper Zero functions within programs like Tasker, third party launchers, system routines, and various assistants would be a game changer for automation and accessibility. This would also allow for the chaining of flipper commands natively within Android. For more information on its inclusion and further documentation on adding shortcuts/actions can be found here. I feel this would be a very helpful addition to the Flipper application for many users. Thank you in advance!

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I like the idea and while I can’t speak for the Flipper team this sounds like something that might be low on their priority list This is the type of project I’d expect a third party to develop and make a pull request to get it into the main Flipper app. The app is open source after all. If you are very interested in the idea you could try developing it on your own fork of the Flipper app. That’s what makes the Flipper exciting. Anyone can contribute to its growth as a platform.

Your other option is to come up with some killer reason why we need this feature to get other people revved up about it.