Feature request: Notificarions on Mobile app

It would be nice if Flipper could send events to Mobile App and show notifcations on some events.

For example. Imagine you have SubGhz Read option on Flipper inside a backpack or a pocket. Sometimes sound on Flipper is not quite loud to hear that.

It would be Nice to send an event from Flipper to Mobile App and Mobile App send a notification to Mobile phone.

A notification with GPS position would be fantastic. You could do wardriving with flipper on a pocket.

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You’re right, that would be a very useful feature for Flipper! Currently, Flipper is designed for the mobile app to send data to Flipper for debugging and inspection. There isn’t a built-in way to send events the other direction.

However, there are a couple of workarounds you could consider:

Reverse communication: You could develop a custom Flipper plugin that utilizes a technique like reverse communication. This would involve the mobile app setting up a server endpoint that Flipper can connect to and send notifications. This approach requires more development effort but offers more flexibility.

Third-party tools: Look into existing tools that bridge the gap between Flipper and mobile app notifications. There might be third-party plugins available that achieve similar functionality, possibly using libraries like Firebase Cloud Messaging.