Feature request: Pin upon boot up

Having a pin code to unlock the device is nice, but it’d be nicer to have an option to need to enter the pin code upon booting/rebooting the device from a powered off state. Right now, the device only requires the pin code if you specifically lock the device from the desktop. If you have a pin code set, turn the device off, turn it back on, it doesn’t require the pin code.

If I have a couple garage door remotes programmed into it and I park somewhere sketchy and forget to take the flipper with me, I don’t want somebody to be able to break into my car, steal my flipper, pull out my registration in the glove box, jot down my address, drive to my house, and use my own flipper to open my garage door and rob me blind. I’d really like the flipper to have the option to require the pin code upon boot up from a powered off state instead of only requiring it after deliberately locking the device.

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  • Such a PIN won’t help much - the remotes cards keys etc. are stored on SD card in clear; an attacker can unplug it, read with PC or another Flipper, done.
  • Really duplicate request: here, there and everywhere.

Oh that’s right! Damn I didn’t even think of that. The only way to fix that would be for the flipper to also encrypt the files on the sd card, but that would come with its own problems as well.

IIRC, dismissed due to performance even as option. And, for obvious reasons, cannot be default.

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Oh definitely. If they added a dedicated cryptographic co-processor to the device, then it’d probably be doable, but they’re definitely not going to change the design of the product at this stage. Maybe the next flipper will have that capability! :yum:

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Actually they do have one and make use of it to keep some semi-secrets harder to reach. But how much key material can you extract from 4-8 * 4 chars PIN?