File Manager broken in latest release

I’m using the release version of momentum on my flipper. The mobile app was working great until the last release. Now, when I try to select the File Manager, the app freezes up and has to be force-closed. Resetting the flipper and the phone don’t help.

Could it be that you tried moving loads of data and broke the transfer of files? I have broken it before, clearing appdata/temps will fix that. It seems to run into errors if you are trying to transfer a ton of small files , and disconnect or interrupt transfers. You can get a visual timeout, but usually the FZ is still completing the task if you just wait, but if you break it it can have some weird results, for me clearing appdata and removing old broken data from the SD solved the problem.

If you want to bulk edit files, just put it in a card reader to make sure it is fine and you are not left with broken files cause interrupted copy’s with the file manager.

Also you do not have to bother with filemanager delays, transfer speeds for newer cards and you can just edit data with your regular file explorer, so if you want to copy like the entire UberGuidoz FZ , do it with a cardreader , and it will save you a ton of time.

If you want to edit just a couple of files and you are updating/flashing anyways it’s perfect, but for bulk editing other options are recommended.

This is custom firmware with a lot of customization. Here is the official forum for the Official Flippers firmware.
It is recommended to ask at the forum or discord of the firmware you are using. Else here the people will try to find an issue that does not exist.