Flipper Android app now says my Flipper is out of date erroneously

Since the last update to my Flipper from the Android app it starts giving me this error that the Flipper is out of date. When I try to follow it’s advice of using the app on my PC to update that app says it is the latest version. I also believe the Android app is the latest version, and it is the one from Google Play.

Can you click Report Bug in Options?

You have an old version of the application, please update.

I just downloaded qFlipper 1.1.1 and it says there are no updates for the Flipper when I plug it in.

The terminal I am running it in gives this info…

My Android app is up to date and there is no update for it in Google Play. Something is broken here.

Edit: I just fixed it by reinstalling the Android app and now it works fine again.

It sounds like you’ve had the android app installed from some other source via .apk, and because of that, the Play Store refused to update it

I have the same problem running the newest version of the app from the Google Play store, and the 0.64.3 firmware on the Flipper. Tried reinstalling and reboot both devices, but nothing helps.

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The same problem for me

I had my firmware stuck on 0.64.3 and couldn’t find any way to download new firmware, i didnt have a laptop or PC and I tried downloading it from the android flipper app. It did not work. But i just tried again and i deleted the app and went all the way down to beta version and presses join beta and when i got on the app it let me download the new firmware.