Flipper can't open linear garage door with dip switches

I am using a programmable chamberlain garage door remote with 12 dip switches that can be turned either on or off it operates at the frequency 390.00

I tried to record the remote on read raw and when replaying it the garage wouldn’t open no matter what modulation I used or how many times I clicked the remote

The remote opens the door when the switches are the same as the garage, but it also opened the door when the remote switches were different.

I know the garage door doesn’t have any program button (it is a pro max pmx85)*

I made some recordings of the remote hoping someone can decode it and help me out

The default opener and garage door switch profile is DDDUUUDUDUDD
default.sub (40.4 KB)
this is all up
up.sub (73.7 KB)
this is all down
down.sub (76.2 KB)
this is up/down repeating
udududududud.sub (70.1 KB)

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This is the most recent post I see on this topic that has any resolution.

I can emulate it, and it doesn’t show that it is blocked in my region. It just won’t open the garage when I do.

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That makes zero sense to me.

I see the remote you have listed as encrypted but it doesn’t seem like it could be meaningfully encrypted with such a small key space. I think that’s marketing fluff. I also found a manual for your lifter.

Thanks for the manual, I couldn’t find anything about the remote though
I might have to look at other posts people made about dip switch garage doors

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if repeated playback of raw does not open the door, this indicates that the signal is rolling, or you have chosen the wrong frequency or modulation