Flipper charging but EXTREMELY slowly

Just as it sounds. My flipper decided a few weeks ago to take almost a week to charge fully and even at that point it was only near 90% full and wouldn’t charge past that. I’ve checked the SETTINGS> POWER> BATTERY INFO and the status says it’s charging but only between 30 and 50 mA. All other values on that screen appear to be normal. And the Flipper works perfectly in every other way. Even the battery health number shows 100%. Any thoughts?

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Hi! Please contact [email protected], they’ll help you with your issue.

No matter what the problem I always try a “normal reboot” first.

Hi K.Narcotics,

I had a similar issue and it was resolved by holding the back button(~30secs) and shutting down, followed by starting it up by plugging it into a charger and then holding back and left buttons for (~15secs)

Hope this helps!


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