Flipper doesn't recognize indala keyfob

Hey there,
I just tried to read/copy the key fob from my workplace, sadly there are no visible markings on the fob besides a number. However the flipper does seem to read it in psk/indala modulation.

I attached the raw file and a picture of the fob. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Thank you!

RfidRecord.zip (111.1 KB)

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I tried to do a reverse image search with no luck. Perhaps you can get us a picture of the reader or any writing that might be on the reader.

That’s a good idea :+1:t3: I’ll post the picture on Monday

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Hi there,
Same here, my keyfob isn’t recognized by the flipperzero.

The reader is an “AbaClock”: AbaClock Industry - AbaClock - Abacus Research AG
On the website it says:
Compatible with existing badge access system
The most commonly used RF standards are ISO 15693 and ISO 14443. The cards from Legic (e.g. Prime & Advant) and Mifare (e.g. Classic & Desfire) are compatible with AbaClock. These are used in Kaba, Mobatime and the Zeit AG system.

I did 2 RFID raw captures (r1 & r2), do you guys have an idea what to start with?

Thank you in advance!

keyfob.zip (152.2 KB)

Based on your information @Nico1 you want to use the NFC reader. Let me know if that works.

Sadly that’s not the reader we have at work, I guess there are lots of similar looking fobs. Like I said I’ll post pics tomorrow. NFC was my next guess after trying RFID but to no avail

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Thanks for your reply, unfortunately the nfc reader is not picking it up neither.

Try Detect Reader just in case, or diagnostic card if you own one.
If it tries to read NFC, you will see some response on Flipper.

A bit to late but here is the reader:
It’s apparently manufactured by KABA


I recognize the Kaba device and as far as my research tells me all of you should vote for Legic Prime support implementation on the flipper: Legic Prime

Since I own the flipper I came across several NFC tags the FZ didn’t even recognize. Since Legic seams to be way more common in Europe than Mifare my best guess is that all NFCs the FZ didn’t even react on are likely Legic Prime.

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