Flipper possibly bricked

I have a problem with my flipper. It is completely unresponsive, no LED light, no screen, nor does it enter DFU mode, as it isnt recognized by my PC or doesnt show in my device manager. I have followed the instructions on this thread https://docs.flipper.net/basics/firmware-update/firmware- , tried several know good cords to rule out power issues, however, no luck. Ive read through a few other threads and have tried to hold the back button for 35 secs in addition to all the recovery mode instructions. Thanks for any help!

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You may need to unplug the battery.

I unplugged the battery and then reseated the connector after 2 minutes. I plugged it in on a known good cord and block since my best guess is that the battery is completely discharged. It’s been charging for about 20 minutes. I don’t see any indication via the LED or screen. After some more time charging, if it doesn’t return itself to normal, do I attempt to do the hard reset again?

That’s an option to try.

You could check the battery voltage with a mulitimeter to find out if the battery is truly dead. If the battery is 3v or below that’s dead. If that’s the case perhaps a new battery or manually charging the old battery if you have a charger that can do that.