Flipper Scan all in the main control?

Hello. How are they? I recently received my flipper and it has been very useful, I have downloaded several files with different IR for various brands of televisions, but all in different files, I would like to know if when the flipper uses the IR files preloaded when using the control from tv, I also scan the ones that I have added? or should I use s directly from the saved controls?
thank you!

It is a little difficult to understand what you are describing. Maybe next time it is easier to describe what you are doing, what you see and what you await. Sometimes it is also helpful to read what is the difference.

You have got some .ir files and copied these to the SD card of your flipper.
Go in Flipper to ‘Infrared - Saved Remotes - …’ Here you’ll see all the files, stored in $sdcard/infrared/, but you are able to navigate to all other folders in the mini-browser, as well.

So if your question is “are the new added codes also available in ‘Flipper - Infrared - Universal Remote’”, the answer is: No.
As you can see, in the firmware, these are load from EXT_PATH("infrared/assets/tv.ir") See Line 12

Hint: The folder assets is hidden in the ‘Infrared - Saved Remotes’ app, but you can see/edit it direct on your SD card.



thats exactly what i want to know, i can add the other ir codes in the tv.ir so when it work, it can use all the archives or ir that i downloaded? thx u a lot and sorry for my really bad explanation.

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No, you can’t use a downloaded file in the infrared\assets\tv.ir file.
But you could take the buttons from the files and add them to the file.
But more is not better! In every use the ‘Universal Remote’ goes through all the items. That means it takes one entry, send it, take the next, send it, … This takes time.

Better identify the most used codes and reduce the others. That would be an improvement. But a phun at a warehouse will have another target set, than the TV/Projector mostly used in a bar. And I would say it depends also on the region.
I have never seen so much B&O TV as in Danmark. But there is no entry in the Flipper-IRDB.

@LupusE Is correct. People have made huge universal IR files and they can take a very long time to the point of being practically useless. If you manually add your own make sure to follow the button naming convention EXACTLY as they are in your current working file. If capitalization or spelling isn’t perfect they will not work. It doesn’t hurt to add a few.



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thx that is what i want to know, instead of add a lot, im gonna make a list of the most use control.

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